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 What are Supernatural Fans are up to this summer?
Fan Fiction
There are several Fan Fiction sites currently running writing challenges.
The Annual Supernatural Summer Gen challenge is gearing up.  Assignments have been made, and works are due June 28. The fics and art will be posted starting July 1, 2017.
spn_summergen is an anonymous, prompt-based, gen fanworks gift exchange designed to help Supernatural fans while away the desert months of summer hiatus.
This is a Supernatural challenge, which means (at least some of) your characters must be part of Supernatural canon. Original characters are welcome, but RPF (real person fiction) is generally not allowed. The exception to this is the French Mistake timeline, but we ask that you use this scenario prudently. Please keep within the spirit of the event. All other types of sub-genres are welcome: angst, crack, past-fic and future-fic, case files, brotherly bonding, AUs, fluff, curtain fic, character studies, monster studies, monster-of-the-week comedies and tragedies and everything in between. Gifts can be of any rating.
Posting of the fic is due to start July 1. What a great way to while away Hellatus!
Another Annual tradition is SPN Big Pretzel.
SPN_BIGPRETZEL is the home of fun!fic. No violence. No hurt/comfort. Just our favorite characters enjoying a lighthearted moment. Playing pranks. Watching "Dr. Sexy, M.D." Scarfing down bacon cheeseburgers and giant pitchers of beer.
 Posting started June 20 and all entries are due to be posted by June 25. Enjoy some angst free Supernatural fan Fic!
The Dean Winchester Big Bang is open for business

This is a Bang to celebrate the complex, amazing, heroic eldest Winchester brother.

Sign-ups are open now and will run until July 1st.
Here's the schedule

15 June 2017 - Author, Artist, Beta sign ups open

30 June 2017 - Author sign ups close

15 September 2017 - 1st Author Check In (general check in)

15 November 2017 - 2nd Author Check In (general check in)

13 December 2017 - Author Rough Draft (70% completion), summaries, warnings due

16 December 2017 - Art Claims Open

20 December 2017 - 1st Artist Check In (general check in), Final Author Check in (Artist connected)

15 January 2018 - Art Rough Draft due, Author Final Draft Due

25 January 2018 - Posting schedule posted

1 February 2018 - Posting begins


We have another challenge this summer in the form of The Louden Swain Mini Bang
Last year, we had such a great time with the Louden Swain Writing Challenge (which turned into a mini bang) and the band LOVED seeing the results so we’re going to do it again! (Please be gentle with me as host, as this is my first time being involved with any kind of bang, much less hosting one.)

I’ve decided to add The Station Breaks as a side project to this since Rob has either written or co-written all of their songs, too!

Louden Swain fans, you now have your own community!
Hiatus Helpers
Need help getting through each day of Hellatus? We have a couple of communities that can help.
Daily Dose of SPN has fan art, videos and fiction to help pass the time.
  (gif from The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody)
Supernatural Hiatus Creations features works by fans to get us over Hellatus.
Each week will focus on a different theme in the spn universe. these may be characters, places, episodes, quotes, or just overall ideas. the sunday before each new week starts, we will make a post officially announcing that week’s theme along with a few other details (and maybe a few ideas). post your theme-related creation any time before the end of the week (by sunday at midnight pacific time), and make sure to tag it with #spnhiatuscreations in the first five tags!
Their schedule

week 1 (May 22 - May 28): “the only thing we had in this world—the only thing, aside from this car, was each other.”

week 2 (May 29 - June 4): urban legends

week 3 (June 5 - June 11): ships (back by popular demand!)

week 4 (June 12 - June 18): Sam Winchester

week 5 (June 19 - June 25): women of supernatural

week 6 (June 26 - July 2): Crowley

week 7 (July 3 - July 9): alternate versions of characters

week 8 (July 10 - July 16): archangels or princes of hell

week 9 (July 17 - July 23): “you, me, and Sam. we’re just better together.”

week 10 (July 24 - July 30): spells, symbols, and sigils

week 11 (July 31 - August 6): emotions

week 12 (August 7 - August 13): Castiel

week 13 (August 14 - August 20): hunters or men of letters

week 14 (August 21 - August 27): “i hate you…and i love you.”

week 15 (August 28 - September 3): classic rock songs

week 16 (September 4 - September 10): Dean Winchester

week 17 (September 11 - September 17): sets or scenery

week 18 (September 18 - September 24: always keep fighting

week 19 (September 25 - October 1): Who We Are (12x22) / All Along the Watchtower (12x23)

week 20 (October 2 - October 8): season 13 promos

As usual, Supernatural fans open their hearts to Charity.
Misty Figs is using the MOL to help raise money for charity.
Men Of Letters Enamel Pin - Fundraiser Item!
****Fundraiser breakdown of profits****
3/22/17-4/02/17: Donating profits towards the group #E4K fundraiser for here:
4/03/17 and on: Using profits towards Portland SPN family (Twitter @Portland_SPN) group share of split convention booths, to buy raffle prizes used to raise money for local charities, and provide snacks/swag to SPN fans at events.
 A very ambitious project is Fan Fic 4 Flint 
Fan Fic 4 Flint is a creative writing and art contest for fans of the mega-hit TVshow “Supernatural” who wish to use their talents and time to raise awareness and money for families effected by the Flint Water Crisis.The contest concept is inspired by Season 10, Episode 5 of “Supernatural”which was set in Flint, Michigan. In the episode, leading characters Sam and Dean arrive in Flint and discover a play based on their lives is taking place. FanFic 4 Flint is excited to offer the Supernatural family an opportunity to create their very own version of this iconic episode.
 Fans are working to honor our stars by raising money for their charities.
Two groups are working to present stars with contributions this year's Chicago convention.
 Hi everyone,
To help celebrate Briana Buckmaster's birthday (which happens during Chicon in July) we are trying to raise money for a charity that she frequently supports, New Leash on Life. I've set the goal for $500, but I'm hoping that if we all come together, we can far surpass that goal!!! Please message me with any questions you may have!! And thanks for helping us to support a greast cause!
Heather L.
 More information is here.
 Fans are also raising money for Mark Sheppard's favorite charity
Nina Samiles's photo.
Since 2017 is the last year Mark Sheppard will be a guest at Creation cons and the last year he will appear on Supernatural as Crowley, we wanted to show how much we love the King of Hell.

We are raising funds for Camp Conrad Chinnock in his honor. A camp dedicated to demonstrating children with diabetes can have a positive camping experience.

As a show of support we're also going to pass out gold paper crowns to wear during his panel. Take selfies and group photos using the hashtag #longlivetheking on social media sending Mark your messages. Hopefully we can get it trending so SPNfamily from all over can contribute.
Donations can be made here.
 There is also a celebration of all the wonderful Always Keep Fighting campaigns.
Honoring our stars
 In addition to supporting stars charitable interests, some groups are showing appreciation to the stars themselves.
Phantom Devils is organizing a scrapbook to be presented to Mark Sheppard at the New Jersey convention.
Fans are assembling messages for Misha in honor of Castiel's 100th episode.
 Individual Artists around the Web
 The Supernatural Fandom is full of talented people, who are putting out art simply for the love of it. Here are some examples of pieces they have done.
Here you can see the process Heather Rooney goes through to make her wonderful drawings.
Celebrating the Fans
 Finally we can not ignore the Fan Projects that celebrate fandom
 While researching a topic for a new film project in 2012, I discovered fanfic, which led me to conducting and filming a series of interviews with fanfic writers & readers. The project quickly took on a life of its own and became an exploration of women, transmedia storytelling, and fandom. As a fangirl myself, I wanted to discuss how others felt about identifying as fangirls, our  communities, the pride and occasional embarrassment we feel, and most of all the passion–the squee. Although originally conceived as a documentary feature film, the story was far too big and multi-layered to fit into that structure so we had to re-think it as a series of webisodes.
Join the Patreon campaign here.
We also should congratulate one fan project that has paid off handsomely.
Congratulations on seeing your dream become closer to reality!