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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 Charles Paul Hoffman talked with Robbie Thompson and Tana Ford on SILK.
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 Meghan Fitzmartin, Show Runner's Assistant, participated Interview with a Comic Book Nerd 005: Mr. Fantastic with Meghan Fitzmartin
Canadian fans can catch Steve Yockey's play Wolves at the Acts To Grind Theatre at the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE
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 Show Tidbits
 John Winchester was included in 29 TV Characters Who Have Served Their Country
 Supernatural's later seasons were included in 29 Storylines From TV Shows That Pissed Everyone Off.
Mr. Ketch is included in Malice Corp's The Most Hated/Loved CW Villain from the 2017 season.
Hells-half-acre has published her timeline for season 12.
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
 Here are some of the book tour dates for Curtis Armstrong's (Metatron) Revenge of the Nerd
11.20 156 metatron manuscript
 Rock Salt Events is staging Lazarus London (Thanks to spn-uk for the heads up)

Lazarus London will be held at the roadhouse-esque Star of Kings right around the corner from Kings Cross, St. Pancras.

It will be held on Saturday the 21st October 2017, from 11:00 to 19:00, plus a potential afterparty – more on that soon.

We are also planning a casual meetup on Sunday 22nd in Camden as part of Lazarus London – more info on this to come!

Dress up as your favourite characters and show off your costumes at our events!  Whether it’s a budget closet cosplay or a painstakingly thought out piece of art with giant, unfolding angels wings, we want to see them all!  We’ll be holding a cosplay competition with some great prizes on the cards, so get creating!

You can still purchase Live Streaming tickets for panels from the Phoenix Creation Convention.
MovieTVTechGeeks is planning to get through Hellatus by posting interviews with fans who have been affected by Supernatural. First up Jodi Zulueta talks Eldwenne and how ‘Supernatural’ changed her life
eldwenne fantasy jewelry
Several sites covered the Family Don't End With Blood book release party.
 For those of us who couldn't attend it, Lua James produced this video of the event.