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Supernatural in the news this week!
 Catching up with Current and Former Cast Members
MovieTechGeeks was busy this week, interviewing several Supernatural guest stars.
Liane Balaban talks 'Supernatural' and Amerlia's future with Sam Winchester 2016 images
lindsey mckeon in supernatural car 2016
Corin was in demand this week, Nerdy Girl Express ran an interview with Corin.
Gabriel Tigerman (Andy) was on our screens last week.
Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle) will be starring on the Hallmark Channel the next two Sundays
 Check out Kathryn Newton
Amy Gumenick
As his new show This Is Us takes off, Sterling K. Brown has been in several publications. He told Access Hollywood How He Draws From His Own Life For His 'This Is Us' Role. , also Milo Ventimiglia Can't Stop Gushing About His This Is Us Co-Stars Mandy Moore & Sterling K. Brown  Finally, Sterling told TV Guide He Once Bit a Supernatural Fan – And She Liked It
Two Geeky Guys had this interview with the cast of the Hillywood Show
 Adam Glass continues to employ Supernatural actors. Supernatural's Jim Beaver, Kim Rhodes Visit Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
Criminal Minds Beaver Rhodes
Speaking of Jim Beaver, Nerdy Girl Express reviewed his book Life’s That Way
The second trailer for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's film Desierto has been released.
 Miss the Rogue Magazine spread with Jared, Jensen and Misha? The digital copy is now available at their website. Thanks to all-spn for the tip.
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