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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up With Former And Current Cast Members

Julie McNiven (Anna) has been cast in a role on Code Black, Nerdy Girl Express reports.

Larry Poindexter (Pastor David Gideon in '99 Problems') has an Indiegogo campaign to produce the film The Devil You Know, a Rhythm & Blues Story.

DJ Qualls' series ZNation returns to the SyFy Channel September 16, 2016. DJ also talked about ZNation and The Man In the High Castle with FlickDirect
Samantha Ferris' new movie The Gourmet Detective 3 has been scheduled on the Hallmark Channel.

Nerdy Girl Express reports that our Austrailian fans will be seeing Nicki Aycox at OzCon this September.

Matt Roush, in TV Insider, gave his opinion that Tim Omundson was unfairly snubbed for his role as King Richard in Galavant.

TVLine reports Lucifer Ups Tricia Helfer [Molly - Roadkill] to Regular as the Mother From Hell.

Rob Benedict has a special offer for his Stroke Awareness organization.

Felicia Day has a new role

Louie Zong posted the song Felicia sang on the episode here.

Felicia has also posted the newest episode of Vaginal Fantasy

Osric Chau is busy these days. His new series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency has been scheduled for this October on BBC America.

He has also been added to the Rockwood Events Supernat-A-Looza - Music "Haus" Party

Osric just posted his actors reel, with snippets of his work up through 2015

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been in the news due to his roles in both The Walking Dead and The Good Wife: The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan sizes up a Negan vs. Governor battle; Is Negan Getting a New Look in Season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead? ; Jeffrey Dean Morgan 'Frustrated' by Jason and Alicia's Good Wife Goodbye, Was Asked to Return for Reshoots ; Jeffrey Dean Morgan Isn’t Afraid To Say How He Really Feels About ‘Good Wife’ Finale; Jeffrey Dean Morgan "Didn't Like" The Good Wife Series Finale.

Jared Padalecki provided the voice of Lt. Alex Tanner in the animated film Phantom Boy. The film has a 91% positive rating on Rotten Tomotoes. The National Post reviewed the movie here.

Catching up with our Behind the Scenes People - Past and Present

Supernatural is losing another behind the scenes crew member. Nicole Baer, editor, tweeted.

Jason Manns will be holding another Stageit concert on August 17.

With the release of the Suicide Sqad movie this weekend, Adam Glass is getting recognition for his contributions to the Suicide Squad comics. Adam took part in the conversation in The Oral History Of DC's SUICIDE SQUAD, Part Two: The Deaths, The Favorites, & The Film. He also was recognized in the credits to the film and by Nerd Empire.

Robbie Thompson continues to flourish in the comics world. He has a new volumes of Silk and Spidey that will be coming out and he is getting recognition for his work on Doctor Strange.

Show Related Tidbits

The Ride to Conquer Cancer is being held August 27-28 this year and once again Supernatural is supporting a team.

WatchMojo compiled their top 10 Supernatural Episoded

BuddyTV listed 'Supernatural': 8 Characters We Utterly Despise. While Hidden Remote listed 5 Most Hated Characters on ‘Supernatural’.

The SPN Family now has its own app!

ENews gave a tribute to the fans of Supernatural.


MissWilma tipped us off to the Quizuple Supernatural Seasons 1-5 quiz.

Finally, for those who were looking forward to going to WISHCON, it has been cancelled for this year. The organizers are shooting for a convention in 2017.