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Supernatural around the Web this week.

Cast and Crew

Blasting News asks us to Get to know Lifetime's 'UnREAL' actress Genevieve Buechner (Lily Shoemaker from Bloody Mary).

Yasmeene Ball (young Amara) made BuddyTV's list of 7 Kid Actors Who Steal Every Scene.

Jason Manns is giving another Stageit concert on July 13, 2016. Information and tickets here. ran My interview with the talented and adorable 'The Hillywood Show' sisters.

Our showrunner's assistant Meghan Fitzmartin has weekly podcast. Join her and Topher Harless for Wine and Comics.

New Game Plus interviewed Timothy Omundson

The Nerdy Girl Express had an  Interview With @AmyGumenick (Young Mary Winchester).

Amy also retweeted

Robbie Thompson is not the only Supernatural alum who is writing comic books. Adam Glass' new comic Brix will be released July 6, 2016.

Collider interviewed Eric Kripke on ‘Supernatural’s Success and His New NBC Show ‘Timeless’. Hidden Remote ran an article on Eric Kripke, Creator of ‘Supernatural’, Receives Dan Curtis Legacy Award. Hidden Remote also gave us more news on Eric's new series in  ‘Timeless’ Sends Monday-Night Viewers on Epic Quest.

Fangasm reports Supernatural’s Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster Get Real – and WaywardAF!.

Rob Benedict has a new song available.

TVLine reiterated this news

So much Supernatural news this week. Dare we ask for more? — Dee
Dare away! During Vlada Gelman’s recent chat with the “brothers,” Jensen Ackles said he plans to break his recent streak of directing an early-season episode, explaining, “I just decided to take the first part of the season easy. Twenty-three episodes [per season] is a long, long shoot, and I usually would direct the first episode that we would film… so it’s basically like sprinting the first several miles of a marathon, which doesn’t really work if you’re a good runner. You want to pace yourself, so I’m going to pace myself this year.”

Show Tidbits

Another of Supernatural's  BTS talent has moved on

Todd was Producer in charge of Post Production and has been with the show since the Pilot.

In response to fan concerns, Jim Michaels tweeted.

Supernatural Stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Share Season 12 Hopes with TVLine.

Buddy TV included Dean vs Azazel as one of The 7 Most Satisfying Revenge Scenes on TV (video included).

From PopSugar Behold, the Ultimate Supernatural Playlist, and Everything We Already Know About the 12th Season of Supernatural.

Fan Conventions

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette reports CW's 'Supernatural' cast, including Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, bringing convention to Pittsburgh. This will be the first Supernatural convention in Pittsburgh.

The San Diego Comic Con will be held July 20-24, 2016. We know Supernatural will be there, but so will some of our other guest stars for other programs. Felicia Day will be attending for Mystery Science Theater 3000. She will be working the booth and sitting in on the panel for the reboot of this beloved show. Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. will we there to host the Supernatural panel, but also to promote their web series Kings of Con.

The WFB will bring you full coverage of SDCC! This year BOTH Alice and Nightsky will be attending and interviewing the Supernatural cast!