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Supernatural around the web this week.

Cast and Crew

Katie Sarife (Marie, "Fan Fiction") is in a new film.

Amy Gumenick (young Mary Winchester) tweeted this from the set of her new series Turn.

She is scheduled to be on the June 13 and the June 20 episodes.

Meanwhile, NerdyGirlExpress has an Interview with Samantha Smith [original recipe Mary] .

News from AHBL7

Gabriel may be dead, but Richard is still sharing his talent with us!

From Eric Kripke:

Supernatural has a new Post Production Coordinator:

Fangasm takes us Behind The Scenes with Curtis Armstrong – An Inside View of Metatron and Supernatural.

Jenny Klein added a new perk for people funding her film Vagabond:

Good news for Felicial Day and her show Geek and Sundry. Legendary Digital Subscription Service to Feature Live, Interactive Shows from Nerdist, Geek & Sundry .

Supergirl will be bringing Superman to the next season. There is a campaign for Matt Cohen to play the Man of Steel. Celebmix reports  Matt Cohen fans launch impressive #MattCohenIsSuperman campaignMoviePilot tells us Why 'Supernatural's' Matt Cohen Would Be The Perfect Choice To Play Superman In 'Supergirl' .

Misha Collins has taken another step into social media by joining Tumblr here.


Reportedly, his first stream from Tumbler crashed the service. Here it is saved for posterity.

Remember the fan who talked a man out of commiting suicide, while wearing her AKF teeshirt? Jared Padalecki of ‘Supernatural’ Reaches Out to Fearless Fan.

Show Tidbits

BuddyTV tells us Why the Men of Letters Would Make Great Villains for 'Supernatural' Season 12.

MoviePilot lists 10 Reasons Kim Rhodes’ Sheriff Jody Mills Is Awesome!.

TVLine included Amara being God's sister as one of 9 Plot Twists That Made Our Head Spin.

Supernatural Charitable Works

Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster's WAF campaign exceeded their goals

Jim Beaver has extended his Show Your Grit campaign to fight cancer.

Fan Convention News and Reports

Misha, Richard and Matt were on hand at the AHBL7 convention to receive donations to Random Acts

Supernatural stars made several of AndPop's Amazing Meet & Greet Poses We Wish We Did.

Fangasm continued it's convention coverage in JiBCon 2016 – Part 2!.