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Supernatural around the web this week.

Cast and Crew

Charisma Carpenter (Maggie Stark) has a new film coming out

Cindy Sampson (Lisa Braeden) will be starring in a new show ‘Private Eyes’: Cindy Sampson to co-star with Jason Priestley.

Fangasm asked So Who Is Billie the Reaper?? A Chat with Supernatural’s Lisa Berry.

Tim Omundson was part of the conversation in Galavant: Cast and creators talk show's possible future on Netflix ... even Broadway — exclusive.

Brittany Ishibashi (Ghostfacer Maggie Zeddmore) has a role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, so CG Magazine Online was Talking Turtles with Brittany Ishibashi.

Felicia Day is giving back

Show Tibits

Movie News Guide listed ‘Supernatural’ – 10 Reasons Mark Sheppard’s Crowley Is Awesome!.

Buddy TV remembered 6 Times Amara Terrified Us in 'Supernatural' Season 11.

Zap2It has a way to help us get over Supernatural withdrawalVikings,’ ‘Supernatural’ and 9 more TV show comics to get you through summer.

USA Today included Supernatural in The Writer's Box: 'Blindspot,' 'Supernatural,' 'OUAT' finales exceed expectations; 'Arrow' misses; 'Blacklist' underwhelms.

Supernatural won several slots in EW's TV Season Finale Awards including Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger Sam is shotBest Final Shot Dean sees his mom, Most Rewound Moment Dean-Cas hug, and Best Twist Mary Winchester returns.  

Fan Conventions

Fangasm reported A Supernatural Roman Holiday — Jus in Bello Con Part One.

Want to see and hear the panels for yourself? We have posted videos of all the JIB panels on our discussion page.

Going to be in San Diego during Comic Con?

The Supernatural Wiki, as well as Wattpad are bringing Carry On My Wayward Cocktails, a celebration of all things Supernatural, to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

On Thursday July 21, join us at the Analog Bar at 7:30PM in the Gaslamp for a Bunker Banquet, drinks including purple nurples, and a Hunter's swag bag full of exclusive custom goodies.

In support of Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster's 'Wayward Daughters' campaign, profits will go to Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts to support a facility for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

For more information and to buy tickets visit The SuperWiki.


Congratulations to the Hillywood producers. They are so talented!

If you want a chance to hear Carry On My Wayward Son live, the band Kansas is touring this summer. Schedule here.

Finally, how Supernatural affects lives. Hero schoolgirl Hannah Simmons, from Faversham, saves second man's life in 18 months after Canterbury bridge drama. You can see Hannah wearing her Always Keep Fighting Tee Shirt.