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Supernatural in the news.

Cast And Crew
Nigel Vonas talked to Ground Report about his career, including his time on Supernatural where he played the Scarred Man in 'Black'.

Michael Roberds, who played a victim of the ghost sickness in "Yellow Fever", passed away May 15. Our condolences to his family.

Matt Cohen talked with Extra Magazine about his shirtless scene on General Hospital.

Panels talked with Robbie Thompson about his comic series in SILK Goes to Therapy: An Interview with Robbie Thompson.

With Supernatural coming to E4, SciFi Now interviewed Andrew Dabb. Supernatural Season 11 “has some interesting repercussions”

Briana Buckmaster and her character of Sheriff Donna got a shout out on Buzzfeed.

How great that our show can help people in their daily lives.

Fangasm talked to  Curtis Armstrong on Saying An Emotional Goodbye to Metatron.

The Kale Online reports BREAKING: Actor and Cult Leader Misha Collins Falls Victim to the Addiction of Snapchat.

Kim Rhodes gave her opinion in Women Characters Intimidate TV Network Executive  published in The Kale Online.

Misha has also visited a Donald Trump rally. From Crooks and Liars 'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Attends Trump Rally, Decides He's 'A F*ckhead' or as Zap2It more delicately put it ‘Supernatural’s’ Misha Collins went to a Trump rally and things got weird.

Jensen made Screenrant's list of 12 Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In Uncharted .

Show Tidbits

Fansided opined If Supernatural has a spinoff, it should be female-led.

Yahoo listed Supernatural: Eight Best Meta Episodes.

PopSugar included Supernatural in 10 Shows From The CW That You Can Catch on Netflix.

'We Happy Few' made TVLine's list of Quotes of the Week for May 15, 2016.

Greater Media Newspapers gave a cheer to Supernatural this week.

Cheers to Supernatural for aging so well. There really is something scary about how fun it is to watch Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Deep into their 11th season, their Winchester brothers are still capable of scaring up a heady blend of chills and giggles, which definitely helped ease some of the eeriness of their recent hunt for creatures preying on a Colorado town.

TVLine asked

18 | Do you think Supernatural‘s Amara at least occasionally dry cleans the black dress she’s been wearing all season?

Clarissa from TVAddict translated and transcribed the poem that was used in the Sacrificio video:

You can see this hauntingly beautiful promotional video about the brothers' sacrifices on our Spoiler Page (1 brief finale shot that is a very mild spoiler).

Deadline reports The CW & Tribune Closing In On New Affiliate Agreement. Having the Tribune affliate stations on board would be a relief.

Follow up from this week's Upfronts

Zap2It declared ‘Frequency’ is about to be the best show on The CW.

Variety listed 10 Things We Learned From the CW Upfront Presentation.

The BC Film Industry tweeted The Winchester Family Business