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Supernatural around the Web this week.

From angry hunter to prosecutor on the O.J. Simpson case. Sterling K. Brown Talks ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ and More! . tells us How 'The Guild' Helped Shape The Web And Why Felicial Day Is A Life Champion.

Madison McLaughlin has been cast in a new role on Arrow according to TVLine and Comic Book Resources.

Chad Lindberg has started a Go Fund Me page to help his sister in a custody matter.

From Variety Idris Elba, Aldis Hodge Salute Black Men in Hollywood at Icon Mann Dinner.

SoapShows asks Why General Hospital’s Matt Cohen Chose to Do a Soap.

TV Series Finale reports Galavant: Season Three? Timothy Omundson Praying for Renewal.

Briana Buckmaster was interviewed in the February 24, 2016 edition of Supernatural, the Crossroads podcast.

Samantha Ferris is the subject of SPNUK'sWomen of Supernatural Interviews.

The Valdosta Daily Times reports on our new writer, John Bring, VSU grad lands 'Supernatural' job.

Jeremy Carver's new project, Frequency, continues to gain speed. Peyton List, Riley Smith, and Mekhi Phifer have all been cast in the Pilot.  Details at  TVLine,Comic Book Resources and Spinoff Online.

TVOvermind explores the many sides of Misha in J ust When You Thought It Wasn’t Possible to Love Misha Collins More .

As the Gilmore Girls revival gets going, Hollywood Life shows us ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: First Photo Of Jared Padalecki Back On Set As Dean; and People Magazine gives us The Comprehensive Guide to Every Character Coming Back for the Gilmore Girls Revival.

For the ultimate in cuteness, AndPop shows us Jared and Jensen as Sleepy Heads

Arrow's Stephen Amell Opens Up About Oliver's Secret and His Favorite Episode with TV Insider and says

I know that Jensen [Ackles] and Mischa [Collins] over on Supernatural do great jobs with it, but I’m more of the Jared Padalecki school of, ‘You know what, I got a lot of work to do, I’m going to focus on just doing that work.’ And quite honestly, we have an interesting emerging stable of directors on Arrow that I would rather see get more opportunities.

Supernatural's cast and fandom continue to do good works. The Geekiary reports on You Are Not Alone – a Fan Crisis Support Network. YANA now has a sign up form for volunteers or for people who want to follow the project.

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The Supernatural donation page for this challenge is here.

And then there's this.

It's time to panic.
Say goodbye to your sanity.
"Gishwhes 2016" is coming...

Since the Supernatural gives so much to us, Darkness is coming ‏@

Kings of Con
continues to move toward production. It just announced.

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that 'Kings of Con' officially has a royal home!  A beautiful, shiny, real place where you will be able to watch Rob and Rich get into all sorts of mischief over and over again. We will be making this exciting public announcement in approximately a month or so, beginning production not long after, and We. Can't. Wait.

The Inquistr
reports ‘Supernatural’ Fans Call For ‘Wayward Daughters’ Spin Off.

The Tennessean reports Supernatural actors turn fan conventions into comedy.

For a few days TV Ratings Guide had a special Renew/Cancel category for Supernatural, Certain to be Renewed Until Hell Freezes Over.

Sam and Dean made Nerd Lowdown's list of 5 Characters Who Can’t Catch A Break!.

PopSugar listed Supernatural: 28 Castiel Quotes to Help Handle Every Awkward Moment in Your Life.

The Caffeinated Geek Girl tells us My Five Tear-Jerker Deaths in Supernatural . asks Can You Guess The Season of ‘Supernatural’ Based on Sam’s Hair?.

Which Supernatural Angel Are You? asks Playbuzz.

Fangasm covered the Houston Convention in Houscon – Jared and Jensen Meet and Greet Tidbits and Houscon Friday and Saturday In Pictures.