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The Examiner
has interviews with two of our recent guest stars. Supernatural Guest Actress Danyella Angel Chats About Baby and Supernatural Guest Actress Tess Atkins Talks Life On the Set.

Can't make it to a convention? You can still hear Jason Manns at  his online concert November 17 at his Stageit event.

Fangasm sat down and Traded Ghost Stories with Supernatural Ghost Stalker Chad Lindberg.

CORRECTION DJ Quails is in The Man In The High Castle


Buddy TV sat down with Rob Benedict and talked Kings of Con and the [possible] Return of Chuck.

From Mid-Life Crisis to Hero's Journey: Supernatural's Eric Kripke Talks Vertigo Series Jacked with Comics Alliance.

Osric Chau is selling Proud to Be Unique Sweaters in support of Random Acts

For sale at Osric's shop at Creation Stands.

Jared is running a fourth Always Keep Fighting Campaign,  a holiday campaign just in time for Christmas.


Our Holiday #AlwaysKeepFighting Campaign is LIVE!!

Posted by Jared Padalecki on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jensen's past was revisited with the 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives.

Jensen and Jared were featured when MoviePilot gave us a Blast From The Past! Early Roles For These CW Stars!.

Supernatural hosted set visits in honor of the special episode Baby, including behind the scenes tours. TV Addict published Supernatural Set Tour: Behind the Scenes of the Men of Letters Bunker . The Nerdist asked us to Go Behind the Scenes and see Supernatural's Sets and Props.  Collider shows us Over 50 Behind the Scenes Images From the Vancouver Set.

Geek and Sundry reports Cosplaying as the Impalal From Supernatural is Totally a Thing.

Supernatural is #10 in Rolling Stone's 25 Best Horror Shows of All Time.

The Geekiary wrote an article about The Ladies of SPN Con: A Con to Celebrate the Women of Superatural.
includes Jared and Jensen in 7 Pairs of TV Siblings That Are Actually Best Friends in Real Life. 

Last Week's episode "Baby" has rocketed to the top of IMDB's list as the best rated Supernatural episode.

Two Geeky Guys interviewed the stars of The Hillywood Show who created the wonderful parody of Supernatural.

Fangasm went to ChiCon and gave us lots of pictures including ChiCon Friday People, Saturday Night Special, Misha and More!; Jared and Jensen and Lots of Smiles at ChiCon and Meet and Greet Tidbits - Jensen Ackles on Directing SPN!

With the announcement of the new Gilmore Girls series on Netflix, several outlets have thought on Supernatural and Gilmore Girls. Previously TV lists 10 Ways We Could (and SHOULD) Have a Gilmore Girls/Supernatural Crossover; Bustle gave us 7 Reasons The Potential Gilmore Girls Revival Needs To Bring Dean Back.

Other outlets have wishlists for this season of Supernatural. MTV has a list of 12 Supernatural Characters We NEED to see this season. From Movie Pilot Supernatural Season 11: John Winchester's Return and 5 Other Characters Who Need To Come Back.