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Supernatural in the news this week.

Misha Collins has had a full week. Although it ended badly, with Misha getting mugged last night, earlier this week the Internet celebrated his 41st birthday. IBT honored him with Misha Collins Turns 41; Best Castiel Quotes From Supernatural. MTV told us told us 7 Things We Learned From Misha Collins' Existential Crisis on Facebook
 and 19 Times Misha Collins Was An Angel IRL. In recognition of Misha and Jensen's Teen Choice Award win, EW shared photos of Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins On A Boat After The Teen Choice Win For Best Chemistry. PopSugar published Supernatural Stars Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Take A Sunset Boat Ride. PopSugar also posted  14 Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Moments That Were Too Much To Handle . Vanity Fair showed us some of Misha's Gishwhes event and we learned Why William Shatner is Wearing This Civil War Uniform.

Felicia Day was busy this week. From EW we read Q & Play: Felicia Day Talks Her New Book, Fandoms And More While Playing Mario Kart . BuzzFeed showed us Felicia Day Plays a Nerdy Game of "Do, Marry, Kill". Glomable posted this interview with Felicia Day and Allie Brosh.

CBC Radio  posted this interview with Felicia.

Forbes Magazine reviewed Felicia's book here.

Felicia's book is doing really well. It hit #2 on the New York Times Non-Fiction Audio Book list this week. Congratulations Felicia!

Ty Olsen was promoting the movie The Weird Hero

Ty is not the one from Supernatural to work on this movie. Brianna Buckmaster has a role in it.  Ryan Curtis, an on-set vfx coordinator for Supernatural, directed The Weird Hero .

ABC has ordered a pilot featuring Adrianne Palicki's character Mockingbird from Agents of Shield. Wouldn't it be great if she starred in her own series?

Fredric Lehne will go from starting fires on Supernatural to stopping them on Chicago Fire, as he takes on a recurring role of Deputy District Chief in the show.

Amy Gumenick is starring in a new independent film, The Binding.

A.J. Buckley will be voicing a T-Rex in the Disney/Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur.

Eric Kripke has left Warner Brothers and has signed a two year pact with Sony.

Osric Chau has released a video poem as part of his Represent Fundraiser. The fund raiser is now concluded. Osric set a goal of 500 sales and exceeded that with 1,037. How wonderful that he will be able to pursue his creative dreams.

Mark Sheppard is engaged to Sarah Louise Fudge. EOnline and PopSugar have the story and pictures of the happy couple. Congratulations, Mark. We wish both Mark and Sarah all the happiness in the world.

PopSugar gave us 21 Jared Padalecki Pictures That Are Worth More Than 1,000 Words.

Jensen found a long lost friend while shooting. EW reports Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Reunites With His Signature Impala.

We got a glimpse of Jensen's incredible generosity this week. First he threw his support behind Paul Blackthorne's "Poach Eggs, Not Elephants" Represent Campaign.

Then he gave a gift to one of his fans. The pictures have more information, mouse over them to show text.

We are so lucky to have a star like Jensen on our show.

Finally, Canagraphs released Behind The Scenes photos for the shooting of episode 3. As with any BTS photos there may be spoilers so proceed at your own risk.