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Supernatural Fans continue to be creative and charitable!
Supernatural Artbook is a project that combines creativity and art.
The SPN Artbook is a non-profit project collecting together the work of SPN artists organised by armellin (Sasha), jaredsnuggles (Sarah), and jesusonthetortillas (Sasha). The SPN artbook is all-inclusive and will comprise of many different styles of art, including those non-traditional so get involved :) All money raised, after printing and shipping costs are met, will be donated to charity. We are raising money for 5 charities, each a chosen cause of the SPN cast, and they are:
The SPN Artbook will consist of five chapters, each representing a group of characters from the show. The chapters are:
Angels & Heaven
Demons & Hell
Supernatural Beings
Invitations Sent: Nov 7th - 14th
Invitation Period: Nov 14th - Dec 1st
Printshop Calculations: Ongoing
Artist Progress 1: Jan 1st
Kickstarter Launch: TBA
Pre-Orders Open: TBA
Artist Progress 2: Feb 1st
Artist Progress 3: Feb 18th
Artist Final Deadline: Mar 1st
Artbook Designed: TBA
Printing Begins: TBA
Books Prepared: TBA
Shipping Begins: TBA
 HRzone2Art is a talented sculptor who is creating beautiful sculptures of Supernatural characters. Here is an example of his work.
 Want to stretch your creative wings by writing fan fiction? The Supernatural Writing Circle is the place for you! (Thanks to all-spn livejournal for the heads up.)
Welcome everyone to spn_writing, a community where SPN fans can come together and discuss different topics all about writing fics. Writers and readers (!) are welcome to join, share their thoughts, wisdom and questions, and hopefully take away something new as well.
What you will find here:
- a discussion post every other week. There'll be all kinds of topics we'll talk about: world building, creating characters, outlining/getting started, finding ideas, but also formatting stories, posting, leaving and receiving feedback and much, much more.
- small writing challenges (e.g. say we're discussing POVs, there might be a drabble writing challenge related to that)
- monthly posts where ideas and prompts can be discussed, problems talked about etc.
- there'll be the occasional post that are 'one-offs', e.g. a post with resources for writers or posts about specific challenges that are running at the moment... We hope this community will be a fun and resourceful place for everyone in the Supernatural fandom who is interested in writing. Join, talk, have fun!
Stardust and Memories takes fan art to a whole new level. Fandom Artist Spotlight: Photos by Stardust & Melancholy. They have produced some of the most gorgeous photographs of the cast. They also document conventions in all their glory. Check them out at their website.
Fans continue to give thanks to our wonderful cast and crew. 
This was made by Hello :3 to honor Jared:
The fan project to celebrate episode 250 was happily received by the show.
We have more fan-based support for charities!
After Felicia Day announced her pregnancy, fandom used that opportunity to give to charity in the form of Team Hooman.

'To celebrate the arrival of a lovely little person into the world, our community is contributing to this good cause in Baby Day's honor and donating for the sake of kids everywhere!'

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Everything they do is centered around finding cures and saving children. This is why we have chosen to support their lifesaving efforts through this special fund.

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If you are organizing a project for the SPNFamily or have an artistic expression of Supernatural that you would like to share, send us to note by clicking "About Us=> Contact Us" above. We'd love to publicize your project in our social media networks and in next month's Fan Projects article (personal fund raising solicitations excluded)!