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I am called Mistress Magda.

Madame Nightsky, I saw you gave out predictions of your own. Don't deny it.

Magda stares at Nightsky and sees her shaking her head. She points at the cards. 

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You didn't? I can see the cards right there on the table! Don't misguide me. I will show you my power!

She claps her hands and the lights dim for dramatic effect. Smoke lingers from the cracks of the wall.

A long time ago in a country far, far away.... song prelude Carry On Wayward Son was heard across the land. The Darkness fell over the meadow birthing a child. The child grew up with only vengeance brewing in her mind but her thoughts also lingered on Dean Winchester - the first man she saw and her carrier. Sam and Dean continued their crusade of saving people and hunting things while trying to hunt down Amara. They met old and new friends, and old enemies were combined to battle with them. A friend was lost to Sam's tormentor but then the unexpected happened. The Almighty answered their prayers! They tried with their squad but alas the first strike failed --

Magda senses your doubts.

Really? What is it now? Huh... Quoting Star Wars? Well, I never...

A deep sigh is released from her lips.

I will show you the error of your ways. She predicted...

Magda checks out the cards.

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Death, death, death, dea-- This is preposterous! I didn't predict the cards that way! Give them to me!

She grabs the cards and shuffles them a bit until resting them on the table face down. Then she turns them around one by one.

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This can't be... I... 


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Editors note: There can be only one fortuneteller in WFB! Thank you Nightsky for the idea. It came to me when I saw the card image in your article.

Enjoy the finale everyone!

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