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Happy New Year, dear readers! When better to finish our retrospecive on Supernatural's 10th season than the time of year that's filled with reflection on the past and plans for moving forward? What made you happiest about season ten? Here are my picks for it's Hits and Misses!

Hit: Crazy Cain

normal SPN1014HD0154Quite simply: Cain was an incredible character in every scene. The moment of Cain walking through the prison to execute the inmates was one of the most visually impressive Supernatural scenes: rattling keys, footsteps along the yellow lines, thrumming music and then the security footage… amazing.

Miss: Hannah’s Family

GGG 3Probably a nitpick – but this was unnecessary background on an already unneeded, too present character. Boo.

Hit: Sam Saves Dean

SamArrivesatBar2Maybe Dean’s time as a demon was shortchanged, but that didn’t make the kidnapping and rescuing by Sam any less sweet. Or, you know, terrifying with all that axe-wielding! Still, good times.

Miss: Killing Death

s10e23 495Overly convoluted – surely there was a better way to handle this?

Hit: 200th Episode

CarryOnSong 1837It was a sweet, fun, tribute to the fans and the show. What more could we ask for than that?

Miss: Crowley’s Mommy Manipulations

Rowena2 SPN1007HD0970Once upon a time, Hell was ruled by a diabolical King…and then his mother appeared and he was so easily fooled it became ridiculous.

Hit: Vengeance on the Stynes

Prisoner 17The Stynes were a weakly delivered family, in my opinion. However – the way Dean obliterated them was magnificent. Let it be known: Don’t mess with the Winchester family.

Miss: Grand Coven

s10e16 246Missed opportunity…there was definite potential for something there….

Hit: Deanmon

MeanDeanEnded too soon? Yes. But when our Black-Eyed Dean was on, boy was he on. In fact, MoC afflicted-Dean was very well delivered overall. It couldn’t go on forever, but watching Dean drift into darkness was an interesting, if alarming, trip.

Miss: Angel Round-Up

Hannahs angel 1590Another nitpick, sure. But for this viewer it became just one too many side plots this season.

Share your thoughts below. What are you picks for the highs and lows of the season? Check out Part 1 of Supernatural Season 10 Hits & Misses to complete my list!

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